The Lunchbox Cafe

“The Lunchbox Cafe is the most AH-MAZING delicious lunch I’ve had in a long time!  The food is so Fresh! The flavors are so distinct 

they mix perfectly in your mouth. 

– Gabriela D.  Yelp! 


“The Cinnamon Bun Pancakes are THE best pancakes I've ever had!  No need for syrup..” 

–  Mike R.  Yelp!


“This is my new favorite brunch place!  The Lunchbox Monte Cristo is simply amazing.  Great coffee and bubble tea as well.  You won't be disappointed.” 

– John C.  Yelp! 



Customer Raves

Our Story

234-236 West Market St. West Chester PA

 ​Phone 484-786-3839

Six years ago, We opened the doors of a bright red food truck, ready to serve West Chester University students a fantastic combination of Thai and American food.  After six years the Lunchbox has developed and maintained a reputation for delicious food and quality service.

Thousands of satisfied students later, We decided to bring  passion for fresh food to our new location. The Lunchbox Cafe, located on the corner of New and West Market, across the street from the Justice Center, opened August 2014. We have built a loyal and enthusiastic clientele, person by person and meal by meal ever since. ​Stop by! We'd love to have you!